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On the evening of March 7th, Gavin was walking through the house and tripped over his little brother Evan.  He landed on the concrete floor (We were remodeling the kitchen and had removed all the flooring), teeth first!  The screams began and the blood starting pouring out.  Gavin lifted his head and his front two teeth were chipped in 1/2!!!  His perfect smile was not so perfect anymore:(  He was so scared and so worried that he would never have front teeth again.  Evan was so worried about Gavin too!  

We immediately found the pieces of the broken teeth and put them in a baggie, hoping that the dentist could help glue them back on.  The chips were about 8 feet from where Gavin actually fell, so they flew pretty far. 

We called the dentist and he said he would see him first thing in the morning to take care of it!  We arrived at his office at 8am and he went to work.  He was able to glue the chipped pieces back on and make them look as close to perfect as possible.  We also saw an incredible endodontist who did a double root canal for the front two teeth.  Our endodontists wife actually has FA too, so he thought it would be in Gavin's best interest to do the root canal because he's certain this would happen again, since FA patients fall often.  If  he has a root canal, at least it would be painful if he did it again.

At the end of the day, Gavin was back to his normal self, and looking great!  He was still a bit swollen, with some cuts on his lips, but his teeth looked GREAT!!!

Thanks to Dr.Lieberman and Dr. Zaritsky for bringing back Gavin's perfect smile:)

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