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A little lady named Ceron (our cousin) came to me about 9 months before this event and said she had this crazy idea.  She had been helping us with Team Gavin events and had been "bitten by the FARA bug".  She felt that feeling of "I wanna do something and make a difference".  Well, that was just the beginning.

Ceron and her husband Donald started planning. 

Picture a beautiful strawberry farm, with this amazing greenhouse in the center.  Huge empty fields in the background.  Doesn't that paint the picture for a Family Fun day with friends.  

After months and months of planning and making sure every little detail was carefully drawn out, it was the eve of the event.  Kev, myself and the boys went over to the house Friday afternoon.  Kev and Ceron's brother Matthew stayed up the entire night to tend to the Pork Butts that were on the smoker.  This is quite the important job.  These have to be checked like every 20 minutes to make sure the temperature is just perfect!  They didn't want to fail.  Of course, we had one of the coldest nights to date, so they were quite frozen by morning, but you never heard a complaint!

It was morning, what everyone had been waiting for.  The sun rose over the beautiful fields decorated in all the kids carnival games, the tents of tables and chairs and the Petting Zoo was pulling in.  My incredible ESA volunteers were there are ready to start welcoming everyone!  

Now was the moment of truth, were people going to come........It started with just a few, then the cars came piling in!!!  I looked over at Donald at one point and saw a HUGE sign of relief.....It worked, people came!! And they didn't stop coming, the entire day!  

When you arrived, you checked in, got your wristband and the kids were off.  It was one flat fee, they got to play every game, as many times as they wanted, were able to pet the animals and ride the pony.  They just had a blast.  

The greenhouse was also open to everyone to walk through, get tours and purchase the produce.  All proceeds went to FARA as well.  The kids even got a lesson in where their fruits and veggies come from and got to plant their very own radish to take home and grow.  It really was a great little addition to the event.  

Lunch was ready and boy did people rave!!!  The pulled pork was out of this world.  The boys did amazing, they are definitely hired for next year:) 

This event was much more than any of us could have imagined.  Ceron had a goal of $5000!  When I walked up and whispered in her ear that we way surpassed the $5k, she just cried!  Something amazing happened at that moment.  Her vision and her dream had become a reality.  She realized she did and now the sky is the limit!  Of course, these things are never accomplished alone, but someone has to have the dream first....and Ceron that was you!

This event was a success due to the help of her amazing husband Donald who dealt with all her crazy demands for months.  He made sure all was perfect and never gave up.  A huge thanks to our other cousins Vicki and Paul (Donald's Brother) who also kept the dream alive and added some incredible touches.  Paul was our greenhouse guide and the kids teacher that day.  They did great and it couldn't have been done without them!

To my ESA girls who I just throw on a task and they make it their own and make it work.  They are amazing and I love them to pieces.  They welcomed everyone, sold tickets, worked on the auction and just made sure everything ran smoothly so we weren't going crazy.  They are truly the ones I can always count on.

And most importantly, to all our supporters.  You never cease to amaze me.  We always have some event going on and you always seem to show up and be part of it.  You never get tired of supporting us and for that I am grateful.  I hope we always bring new fun things to the table and hopefully during these events you create your own family memories as  well.  

We are so blessed to continue to have this much support after 4 years.  You keep our family positive and keep us focused on the cure!  This event raised over $10,000 for FARA and we hope to do it again next year! 

Thanks to all who were part of this and a special thanks to the Buti families and Buti T Ful Farms!!!


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Thanks Dawn for the ButiTFully written summary. I am truly humbled by the support and love for Team Gavin and consider myself honored to be included. Together we are KickinFA!!! Love you all!!!

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