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This event is by far one of Gavin's favorite events.  The only part he doesn't like is getting up at 5:30am!  We get on our way and arrive to Adventure Island around 6:15am.  All the kids are filing in with their bikes and are ready to go.  We check into registration, where we see all our Sports Commission friends.  They welcome Gavin with big hugs and cheer him on.  

We take Gavin's bike over to the staging area and get him all marked up with his #.  I walk with him over to the swimming are where they will begin.  The race is on.  The kids start getting in the lazy river by age groups.  Gavin's turn is here and he's off.  We follow him all the way around and he does great.  Now it's time to transition.  He gets out of the pool area and runs to the bike staging area.  We cannot help him with this transition, but he does awesome.  He has a little help getting his trike out to ride.  He then rides his trike from Adventure Island to Busch Gardens and back.  We see him in the distance, just peddling away.  He parks his bike and takes off for the run portion of the event.  He's extremely tired at this point, but continues on.  He falls a few times, but gets right back up.  We then turn the corner and find the finish line.  However, this is no ordinary finish line.  It has the words "Gavin Lambert Finish Line".  This was a HUGE surprise and of course brought all of us to tears!  

Gavin crossed that finish line in true Gavin fashion.  He never gave up, just kept going no matter how tough it got.  

After the kids all finished, they called Gavin up on stage to announce why the named the finish line after him.  They wanted all kids in the future to cross this finish line knowing it was named after someone who has determination and fight and who never gives up.  No matter what the challenge, the important thing is to finish, no matter what place you come in!  We are so grateful to the Tampa Bay Sports Commission and all they have done for Gavin.  This has been such a great event, and Gavin will continue to cross that finish line for many years to come!!!

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