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We decided after about a year and half to finally go ahead with the surgery to help correct his foot.  We talked with his doctors here and went to his doctor in Philadelphia twice just to make sure it was the right time to do this and made sure all the doctors were on the same page and that this was the right thing to do!!  We wanted to make sure EVERYONE was on board!

Gavin's foot, because of FA, has been turning in and up.  So, if you can picture it, he walked on the outside of his foot.  The bottom of his foot did not touch the ground when he walked, which also caused him to fall quite often.  We were extremely worried that he would fall and end up breaking it and us not be able to fix it!

On August 19th, we arrived at St. Joe's Children's Hospital and were ready to go.  Gavin was nervous, but excited at the same time.  He was praying this would help him run faster and better!  We were hoping for the same.  

Around 5pm the doctors took Gavin back for surgery.  He of course went with a few tears, but gave me that big smile too!!  

They did the following procedures:

1. Gastocnemius lengthening    2.Plantar Fascia release    3. Calcaneal closing wedge osteotomy     4.Posterior tibial transfer.

This was a ton of work, but exactly what Gavin needed in order to keep him walking/running!  

About 2 hours later, Gavin was out of surgery and doing great!  Everything went as planned, actually better, according to the surgeon!  We couldn't have been happier.  Gavin woke up quite groggy, but that was expected.  By the next morning, Gavin was back to his regular self.  He was happy and so excited to have visitors.  Everyone was coming in shifts to sign his cast, even lil bro got in on the action!  

Gavin has had his good days and bad days.  He was not allowed to bear weight on his foot for 2 weeks, wow, this was quite the challenge, but we made it through.  We had that cast removed to check how the site looked and all looked great.  We moved to a walking cast, so Gavin chose a waterproof one!  Well, we should have done some more research on this!  We were not told how to clean this and what needed to be done daily and after 4 days, the smell was quite scary.  We went back to the doctor and 2 of the incisions were infected.  Not bad, but enough to be put in a splint so that we could change the bandages daily.  This was a ton of work, but we knew it would be worth it in the end.  After 2 weeks of this, we were back on our feet again and he was walking like a champ in a new cast!!  

Gavin was focused and determined to walk and play basketball, no matter what, cast or not!!  He didn't skip a beat!  

After 8 weeks of on and off again casts, he was doing great!  He was walking on his own and getting back to running, slowly but surely.  The surgeon did an amazing job and we are so very grateful for what he did for Gavin.  We hope this is what Gavin needs to keep him walking until a cure is found!!!

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