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This event is just fabulous!!!  It takes about 10 months of planning, but so very worth it.  Everyone on the committee works so very hard to make sure every detail is perfect and that we raise the most funds possible towards a cure!  

There are so many people involved, you could never thank all of them.

The event actually begins Thursday before the Ball with the symposium!  Since Evan decided to go into the hospital the Monday before and continue his stay all week, we were able to watch on the web!  He ran a 104 fever for 3 days and went from strep throat to sinus infection and couldn't shake it on his own.  Had to get some heavy duty antibiotics going, but then he was good to go.  I think he just wanted some alone time with mommy since I'd been taking care of  Gavin and his foot for the past 3 months!!  :)

It was so cool watching the webinar of the symposium.   It was wonderful hearing all the amazing things coming down the pipeline towards a treatment and one day a cure.

Friday morning we were released from the hospital!!!  Kev and I were able to attend the Patron Party and thank the incredible sponsors in person.  This event really allows us to show our appreciation as parents to the ones helping FARA make HUGE strides in research.  

Then its off to the Ball on Saturday!  We begin with Gavin greeting all the guests in his Ride Ataxia jersey under his cute little suit!  He sits with his buddies Sam and Kyle spreading the word about Ride Ataxia and helping people sign up to ride with Team Gavin!  I think this is Gavin's favorite part!  He doesn't stay for the whole night, it's too "adult" for him!  

We make our way into the auction room, just filled with everything you could possibly imagine, from sports memorabilia to jewelry to trips/excursions!  You can always find something to bid on!  Then it's off to the ball room to sit for dinner.  Dinner was incredible, the steak was amazing!  As you begin to eat, a video plays on the screen showing all the wonderful donations people have made throughout the year!  It really shows how much we are loved and how hard people work to help us find the cure!  

After dinner, a video of families with FA is shown and really tugs at your heart.  After the video, everyone is ready to jump in and help out any way possible!  

The LIVE auction starts with the lovely Wendy Ryan who gets the crowd going and ready to start bidding!  There are incredible adventures to countries around the world and once in a lifetime experiences.  These items raise a huge portion of the nights funds!

After all the bidding is done and dessert is enjoyed, it's time to DANCE!!!  Everyone clears the tables, throws off their shoes and gets on the dance floor.  Dancing is what life's all about, right???

This event is by far one of our families favorites and we are so blessed to have our entire family there to enjoy it with us, thanks to some very generous friends!  For that we are forever grateful!

Thank you!

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