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Halloween was a little different this year!  We woke up early to take part in the school Duathlon.  The race begins with a 1/4 mile run, then onto a 1/2 mile bike ride and finishes with a 1/4 run to the finish line.  This event is put on by his school, but ran by his PE Coaches.  His amazing coach Donna thought this year may be a little for Gavin to run, since he just had foot surgery.  Sooo, she came up with "Gavin's Gallop".

Gavin's Gallop consisted of several dads/uncles carrying their kids on their backs, during the run part of the race rather than running themselves.  Uncle Josh was Gavin's partner for this duration of the race.  

It was start time....Uncle Josh had no idea what he was in for!  I think we may have taken a few years off his life doing this.  He started running with Gavin on his back and suddenly realized how difficult this was going to be!  But, he did it and did amazing!  

Once Uncle Josh's 1st portion was over, Gavin took off on his Catrike and rode like the wind.  He just loves riding his trike.  I think he knows that this is something he CAN do and does it well!  After he completed his 1/2 mile, it was back on Uncle Josh's back and off to the finish line!  What a great site, and the sound of everyone cheering was just awesome!  We can't wait to do it again next year.  

A huge thanks to an amazing school and an incredible Coach who just does whatever it takes to make sure Gavin is included in EVERYTHING!

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