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Wow, where do I begin.  This idea came several years ago from Ceron & Donald.  Once the Family Fun Day on the Farm was complete and was successful, they knew we should go for it!  They wanted to have an adult dinner on the farm, that really showed what amazing things the farm could do.  We wanted to have guests come and sit down for a fancy dinner, prepared by professional chefs using all the produce and herbs straight from the greenhouse!  A farm event...with class!

After almost of year of preparation, it was finally the day we'd been waiting for.  We spent the whole day setting up the tables, chairs, lighting, bar.  We were preparing the food for the volunteers, prepping the area for the chefs.  

It was go time.  Guests were arriving for the 1st Annual Farm to Table Dinner for FARA!  The event was SOLD OUT!!

Everyone was greeted by FARA's one and only Felicia and our very own Rhonda from ESA!  These two hold such a special place in our hearts and there was no one better to welcome everyone.  Once they were signed in, it was time to mingle at the bar area.  We had craft beer, donated by 3 Sisters brewery.  All different types of wine and spirits were served as well!  Everyone was having a great time so far.  

Then we were on to the tent!  Picture a HUGE white tent, with "windows" on the sides, with the back opening up to the strawberry fields lit up by a full moon.  It was perfect!

Everyone began taking their seats, getting ready to feast!  The dinner was Prime Rib or Chicken, roasted veggies, salad & bread from the bread peddler!  The dinner was prepared by Chef Mahan.  It was absolutely delicious.  Everyone just raved!  

We had Erin & The Project for our music for the evening.  They did a wonderful job and we can't wait to have them again at our next event.  We also had an incredible auction donated by so many wonderful people.

There was a table strategically placed in the center of the room with frames of some very special faces.  These faces were of others around the country who have FA.  We wanted to remind everyone why they were there.  These faces were the reason, not just Gavin.  There are so many others fighting every day and need our help to find a cure.  

The HUGE tent was set up under the oak trees.  The lanterns were glistening in the branches.  It was peaceful, hopeful & perfect!

We ended the evening with lots of dancing and the most amazing desserts made by one very special Miami family:)  I actually never got a chance to eat dinner (the hosts never do:O), but I sure made it over to the dessert table......let's just say...AAAAAAAMAZING!

After a beautful evening with amazing familiy and friends, dining and drinking, dancing and mingling.....we finished off with raising over $15,000 for FARA!!!!  It was a very successful event and we can't wait to do it again in 2016!

A HUGE Thanks to all who sponsored the event.  To our volunteers who did everything from fold napkins, paint placemats, set tables, prep food, feed the volunteers, build props, Lealan for the invites/menus,ect.  We love you all so much and could not have done any of it without you and your kind, dedicated hearts!

And to Ceron & Donald, our love for you both grows daily!  You've devoted yourselves to our boy and to a cure and we are forever grateful.  

This, by far was my favorite event we've ever done:)

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